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Tourism in Guanacaste: Costa Rica’s Most Wanted Region

Guanacaste is a Costa Rican province that occupies the Northwest section of the country. What most people don’t know about Guanacaste is that it was originally a part of Nicaragua and it wasn’t until 1824-1825 that the province was annexed to Costa Rica.

Now, along with the Central Pacific, Guanacaste is one of the most visited areas in Costa Rica, known for its beautiful beaches that range from white to cinnamon sands and the crystal blue surf. Other features that people come from all over the world to see are the many stunning volcanoes, expansive national reserves, sea turtle nesting sites on the beaches, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

guanacaste costa rica

Costa Rica works extremely hard to protect the nature of the country and run the country in eco-friendly manners. In fact, in 2014 The Global Green Economy ranked this Central American country as number three in the world.

Environmentally-conscious foreigners come from all over the world to see the raw beauty that Costa Rica has done an amazing job at preserving, specifically in Guanacaste. Foreigners that visit the country are global citizens, ranging anywhere from North Americans to Europeans. To make the commute from Europe even easier, airlines in the UK have begun direct flights form Gatwick airport. Specifically, Thomson Airways has created a direct flight to the international airport in Guanacaste’s capital, Liberia. Liberia is only a short drive from some of the country’s most sought-after beach destinations! British Airways has also announced that they will be beginning nonstop flights to Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose, as well, starting in May 2016.

guanacaste costa rica

Europeans have contributed greatly to the tourism industry of Costa Rica, representing the third largest market, and the country is excited to host even more Europeans!