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Hacienda Pinilla Beaches


Hacienda Pinilla Beaches

Within the resort of Hacienda Pinilla, you’ll discover Costa Rica’s finest beaches and three-miles of amazing Pacific Coastline. Here meandering hills meet exotic, dry tropical rainforests that border the pristine shores of Guanacaste. The tranquil, cinnamon-sand beaches are unlike any others in Central America and belong exclusively to Hacienda Pinilla and its guests. You will also find some of Costa Rica’s best surf breaks, as Hacienda Pinilla’s beaches are home to the world’s finest surfing.

Discover a rare utopia where a welcoming, authentic Costa Rican community meets exotic beaches, all exclusively for our owners and guests.  Playa Avellanas, Langosta and Mansita each offer diverse coastlines for hours of endless exploration and enjoyment, with outdoor activities that include surfing, fishing, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and horseback riding. And, of course, you can simply sit and relax, burying your toes in the warm Costa Rica sand.

Playa Avellanas, touted as one of the top ten beaches in Central America, and home to the HP Beach Club, this spectacular beach is also known for its beautiful sand, exotic shells and ideal tranquility, luring travelers from around the globe.

At Playa Langosta, you’ll enjoy a majestic coastline bordered by native Guanacaste trees. Recognized as a “Blue Flag” certified beach for its ecological sensitivity, Playa Langosta is famous for its water quality and environmental stability. It is ranked world-wide as one of the prettiest beaches in all of Latin America.

As a property owner or guest at Hacienda Pinilla you will also have access to Playa Mansita, one of the most beautiful shorelines in Guanacaste, next to the JW Marriott.  This great little beach features rich sand and rock outcroppings, especially visible at low tide.

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